Fruit Milk Cereal ( From the 6th month onward)

Product Standard: Organic

Product Brand: Topfer

Product Origin: Germany

Ingredients: (per 100 g powder) 34 % follow-on milk (skimmed milk, whey powder partly demineralized,vegetables oils, maltodextrin, starch, skimmed milk powder, calcium chloride 0,2 g, calcium phosphate 0,18 g, vitamin C,vitamin E, iron-III-pyrophosphate 16 mg, zinc-sulphate 10 mg,niacine, calcium-D-pantothenate,sodium-selenite 1 mg,vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, potassium-iodate 148 μg, folic-acid, vitamin K, Vitamin D),30 % durum wheat semolina, whey powder partly demineralized, skimmed milk powder, glucose, maltodextrin,Fuctose, 6,3% fruit powder (apple,banana, orange), whey powder partly demineralized, Fructose,Fruit extract, Calcium carbonate 220 mg, bifidobacteria cultures, vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin D.

Product Features: Free of milk, No added sugar, Without the addition of flavourings, colourings and preservatives - Product Features Explained