Cornthin Multigrain

Product Brand: Real Foods

Product Origin: Australia

Ingredient: Maize 83%, Millet (4.5%), Buckwheat (4.5%), Sorghum (4.5%), Brown Rice (2.3%)Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt.

Product Features: Fat free 97%, all natural ingredient, No arficial colours & preservatives, Gluten free, GMo free, ( contain 10% dietary fiber) - Product Features Explained

Multigrain Corn Thins are made with golden sun-ripened corn with the special blend of five grains: maize, brown rice, millet, sorghum and buckwheat. We have selected these five wholesome grains that have been staple foods throughout the world since ancient times, and blended them into a great recipe for maximum crunch and flavour. Multigrain Corn Thins taste sensational on their own or with any number of delicious toppings